What is TapstartX?

TapstartX is India’s digital-first networking community for entrepreneurs & startups. It brings together entrepreneurs like you, and enablers from India’s business ecosystem under one roof, so that you can digitally network with relevant members in the community and build meaningful relationships for growth. 

TapstartX is a contemporary approach to daily networking. Members can network with each other after deeply discovering verified members on our platform. 

Why TapstartX?

At TapstartX, we’re driven by a singular mission: to empower entrepreneurs and startups like you to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. We understand the challenges you face – from starting up, growing your business to success and everything in between. Networking is a key to all your business challenges, but it is still not accessible, understood, and leveraged at the pace entrepreneurship is growing in India. Here are some stats from India’s start-up ecosystem. 

founders struggle to find customers in their first year
~ 0 %
experience self-doubt in their first three years
~ 0 %
face lack of social support while starting up their business
~ 0 %
find networking difficult in their early and growth stage
~ 0 %
of early stage owners struggle to find mentors' support
~ 0 %
struggle with compliance & documentation
~ 0 %
feel the gap of latest trends in the expansion stage
~ 0 %
have difficulty integrating D&I in growing business
~ 0 %

That’s why we’re building TapstartX, a digital-first networking community designed specifically for startups & entrepreneurs like you, so that you can network, and grow daily. 

Decoding 'Digital-first Networking Community'

We do believe offline experiences foster deeper relationships, therefore our members catch-up for offline mixers across cities. 

TapstartX represents more than just a networking platform – it’s a community-centric ecosystem where entrepreneurs, startups, and enablers converge to foster support, collaboration, and growth. Our belief in the power of community drives us to provide a space where like-minded individuals can connect, share experiences, and collectively thrive.

Traditional networking methods often pose barriers such as geographical constraints, limited time, and resource-intensive endeavors. At TapstartX, we’re rewriting the rules of networking by embracing a digital-first approach. This means you can seamlessly connect, learn, and collaborate from your mobile device, breaking free from the limitations of time and location.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure that networking becomes not only efficient and accessible but also incredibly impactful.

Our digital-first initiative transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together entrepreneurs and networking opportunities from every corner of the country. Whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a remote location, TapstartX ensures that you have the tools, connections, and resources needed to succeed on your entrepreneurial journey.

Our Vision

Entrepreneurship has the potential to transform lives and build nations

Our vision is to ensure that passionate entrepreneurs like you never give up on their entrepreneurial pursuits despite countless obstacles on the way

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an inclusive, sustainable, and thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs in India by filling the gaps in their entrepreneurial journeys and connecting them to resources, networks, and opportunities for growth

Here's a glimpse of our journey

October 2020
Announced Tapsstart Digitall

A digital marketing studio to help startups with growth, and won projects from insurance & tech companies in India & UK.

(Inset: Amrrit Achipallya & Suranjikaa Mohapatraa)

August 2021
Registered Tapsstart Digitall (TSD)

As a marketing company under MSME, Government of India

September 2021
Created entrepreneur community

Our work with 15+ clients across 5 industries revealed entrepreneurs' challenges beyond marketing. To safeguard early stage entrepreneurs from early stage pitfalls, we created a PAN India community for entrepreneurs to thrive


December 2021
Started research with 200+ entrepreneurs

On India's startup ecosystem with special focus on failure cases, entrepreneurial challenges and ecosystem gaps

July 2022
Collaboration with IIT Delhi

To strengthen IIT Delhi's alumni network of 60,000+ members

August 2022
Validated Community Building with DPIIT & MSME

WIth IAS Anil Agrawal, Additional Secretary, DPIIT, GOI & Founder, ONDC & Startup India, and IAS Bidyut Swain, Secretary of MSME, Ministry of Commerce, GOI

October 2022
Discussed community building with Mr. Mahavir Sharma

Entrepreneur, Investor & Chairman of TiE India Angels. Founder, RAIN (Rajasthan Angels Network). Since then, we have had the pleasure of being mentored by him

March 2023
Announced & Conducted TSD Empow(her)

With 29+ industry leaders on the panel as panel speakers, TSD Community launched and held its maiden 2-day event on "More Women In Entrepreneurship." There were 500+ attendees & speakers (mentors, investors, CXOs, leaders) attending the event.

March 2023
Repositioned TSD to accommodate expanded vision

While we started out as a marketing agency for entrepreneurs and startups, our vision expanded into promoting entrepreneurship and helping startups succeed. Not only through marketing solutions but also through solving other challenges that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis

April 2023
Started building TSD’s Community-tech Platform

To help TSD Members discover the network, solutions, and resources

August 2023
Soft-launch of the Platform For Members

Along with Community Membership

December 2023
Crossed 400+ Community Members

Across 20+ cities in India

December 2023
Brand Overhaul

Carried out extensive rebranding exercise including change in tradename from TSD Community to TapstartX, with introduction of new brand identity. 

February 2024
Announcement Of TapstartX | Discover

Our member discovery platform that allows members to scout & build relevant business relationships from verified members in the community

February 2024
Announcement Of TapstartX | Pulse

Community's own media platform showcasing stories of members & brands of TapstartX. 

Quite a journey isn’t it? We have our share of challenges, but trust us, it’s great to have a community of like minded entrepreneurs around to build with. 

Come start your journey with us today!

We celebrate every hustle,
and we can’t wait to have you in the community!

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